Vehicle Rental Pricing

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Vehicle Rental Pricing

Post by DeLoreanDMC81 » January 28th, 2019, 12:45 pm

Hey everyone, I just had a quick question for you.

So I'm planning to get my Jeep done by Jack Fauth, in just a few months. I told a few friends of mine that I was going to have this done, and they flipped. When the Jeep gets finished they want to rent it for some events they are planning in a few months.

They want me to put together a price for them on what to charge.

I thought I'd throw it out to everyone and see what you thought? Especially since I'm sure some of you rent yours out for things like this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Vehicle Rental Pricing

Post by jp41 » February 4th, 2019, 7:05 pm

Good question..

If you are a member of JPMP.. Go read their website for more details...

Here is a copy and paste from a post similar to yours on there.. ive edited some names..

I have a question that I have been curious about ever since trying to rent a Delorean Time Machine for a day. We lawfully cannot make profits with our movie vehicles, so how can I get quoted $1500 for renting a movie car? Obviously there is some profit to be had there.

How do auto museums with movies cars get away with that as well? They are charging to get inside and see these vehicles. Isn’t that technically making profit? Even selling your Jeep with the Jurassic Park logo for more than you purchased it for is considered profit.

Just a bit confused how all of this comes into play.


I think it all depends. You could include cost of fuel, insurance, and crew that stays with the vehicle. Those are all cost of having it displayed.

Here is how I would argue me "renting" mine out....

Fuel to and from...

Cost of insurance for one day....

Hourly pay for one to two crew members to answer questions and supervise the vehicle. $15hr that includes travel time.

Just my 2 cents but $150-$200 for about 3 hours could be considered not profiting

As a group we don’t officially charge for events. As an individual, you make your own decisions, it’s your vehicle. But you do not represent the Motorpool at those events. That being said if some form of compensation is offered such as gas money, snacks, free entry to events. Who are we to say no? It does take time and money to make it all happen

Technically, you can get sued. It’s copyright infringement. I profit on my jeep when the opportunity arrises because I’m asked to provide a service. I don’t advertise jeep rental services or have a website offering jeep rental. Like Manny said, your jeep, you’re free to do as you wish but be smart about it. Don’t ruin it for the others by making a website dedicated to jeep rental etc.

This is in no mean legal advice because I’m not qualified to give that type of advice, this is just from experience and what I know so take this information as you’d like.

If you and the event coordinator come to agreeable terms that makes both parties happy, weigh the risks and make a decision. I’ve turned down several events because I felt the safety of myself or my vehicle was not important to the event coordinators and declined to participate.

My favorite “events” are just finding a family with a kid who is mind blown in a parking lot. That’s when I let the kid take a pic in the driver seat and give them a small matchbox Jeep as a souvenir.

I have done extensive research on this before. It basically comes down to the the copy right owner and your scope of practice. They do not care if you are profiting a small amount (in their eyes) by displaying car in booth, renting the car, have it in a museum, or even building a few replicas for other people. It’s when you go to the big leagues and make a huge business and profit solely off of someone else’s copyright. If you started a T-shirt business and sold Jurassic Park branded shirts and started profiting millions off of it, with out licensing, then yea you are going to be targeted. But if you run a small side business doing something, they will not care as it will cost more in lawyers then to get a portion of your profits. And if anything you are providing them extra marketing and brand awareness. So yea, start making few hundred thousand a year building and selling 40-50 replica jeeps a year (pulled out of now where) then you should probably consider contacting universal for a licensing contract. Build a Jeep and sell it after a year or so for a profit? They could care less

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