JP16 Redo #3

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JP16 Redo #3

Postby skippy102595 » November 7th, 2017, 4:05 am

Okay so I'm the proud owner of JP16. I've put a ton of work into my little 2.5L 93' YJ and i've done all of it myself. When I finished my Jeep in February of this year I was very happy with the results and I was so proud of it. Well not even a month into having a Jurassic Park Jeep I had it parked on the side of my house and became the victim of a hit and run. The damage was pretty bad and after insurance finally paid out 2 months later I was just exhausted with it and wanted to get it over with and back on the road I paid to have the body work done for me and i planned on painting it myself. Well the new paint had something wrong with it and it turned my poor Jeep rose gold and at this point i was just pissed so i went to a local automotive paint mixer and ordered new paint on the spot and sprayed it all over again in a new color just to make it look half decent again and it's been that way since. I'm still unhappy with it and i'm going to just start from scratch again as if it's the first time and i'm going to redo everything. This will be JP16's redo thread.

Things i'm doing different:
1. I'm going to get an actual HVLP spray gun and compressor this time rather than use an airless spray gun meant for painting houses
2. I'm going to sand down my primer more this time (Biggest mistake last time was not sanding it down enough leaving very noticeable scratches under the paint)
3. I'm wanting to do a clearcoat this time around rather than just leaving it matte (I've recently been introduced to the world of car shows thanks to JP25 from my area and want this to be car show quality)
4. I want to be pretty close to screen accurate
5. I'm going to stay more organized
6. I'm going to take my time
Things I'm going to do the same:
1. I'm going to use the same decals from Jack F.
2. I'm going to use the same red from advanced auto
3. I'm doing this myself (I might pay to have my tub welded in certain section)
4. Same location (Home Garage)

Current members i'd love to get your advice on where you went for the sand beige, what type of primer you used, and any other helpful advice would be great.
First picture (left jeep) is of what it looks like now, second is what it looked like prior to the hit and run incident. I want this to be the best it can be so wish me luck! 3rd times the charm right?
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Re: JP16 Redo #3

Postby skippy102595 » November 7th, 2017, 6:57 am

Step 1 is ordering in new parts. As is JP16 will not pass it's next inspection in December because it will need a new windshield. The frame is rusted and i kept it last time to cut down on cost but i'm not going to put a new piece of glass on a rusted windshield so I ordered a new frame. I also ordered a brand new tailgate, set of fender flares, bumper end caps, misc. gaskets seals and hoses, New antenna, and i'm currently hunting for a whip antenna
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Re: JP16 Redo #3

Postby JP Junkie » November 7th, 2017, 1:38 pm

Looking forward to seeing your progress! Sounds like you're really going to nail it this time!
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Re: JP16 Redo #3

Postby skippy102595 » November 10th, 2017, 12:38 pm

Got a lot of parts coming in today. Got my whip antenna and ball mount in the mail yesterday but unfortunately the whip antenna got crushed and bent in shipping so i'll be sending that back for a straight one.
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Re: JP16 Redo #3

Postby skippy102595 » November 27th, 2017, 7:24 am

As of this moment I have everything I need to get started on the redo. I ordered primer, basecoat, and clear coat from ($475), I have purchased a new compressor from harbor freight that has a 21 gal tank and puts out 5.7CFM at 40psi ($150), I purchased a brand new HVLP gun from Eastwood called the concours 2 that is made for running off smaller home compressors like mine & only requires 4.3CFM @ 30PSI ($150), New windshield ($136), New Tailgate ($143), New fender flares just because they were on sale ($83), Bumper end caps ($15), Misc. Seals & other rubber parts ($60), new straight whip antenna ball mount & spring ($80), Decals ($95), 1 NOS BFG Radial All terrain for spare tire ($25 + trade). For a lot of these items like the decals and paint this is my second time enduring their expense so i'm really hoping this is going to turn out great.

Items I still need to get:
1. Low CFM DA sander (looking now on cyber monday for deals)
2. tape, plastic, and paper
3. POR 15 or similar for undercarriage
4. Misc maintenance parts (drum brake kit, transfer case fluids, new front shocks, new brake pads and rotors, front and rear diff service)
Things I'd like to get still but don't need:
1. Screen Accurate Light bar
2. Knock off Jabscos
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Re: JP16 Redo #3

Postby Mcconn » December 4th, 2017, 10:42 am

You did a banging job, Skippy! The car looks better than the ones in the movie. Seems like you're sparing no expense either.
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